Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Driving Day

8.9.08 Ajopäivä

Joo, tosiaankin oli aikas pitkä pätkä tien päällä. Kuskimme Loren ajoi koko yön ja pitkälle iltapäivään. Ajettiin about 1200 mailia lähes yhtä soittoa. Lopulta pysähdyttiin Missoula-nimiselle paikkakunnalle, että kuski sai levähtää hotellissa.. Kävimme hotellin pore-ammeessa pulikoimassa Tommyn Villen kanssa. Tämän jälkeen oli aika käydä hieman syömässä paikallisella ”Casinolla”, joka oli ihan hotellin vieressä. Illan päälle tehtiin vähän hommia: blogiteltiin uusia videon pätkiä Nokia blogiin. Huomenna pitäisi olla sitten Seattlessa.

09/08/08 Driving Day

Yeah, it was a pretty long day on the road. Our driver Loren drove whole night and day, I think it was about 1200 miles. Then finally we stopped in a place called Missoula in the afternoon, so that our driver would get some sleep in the hotel. We went to the hotel´s hot tub with Tommy and Ville. After that it time have something to eat in a local “Casino” which was right next to the hotel. At night we had to work a little bit. We uploaded some new clips to our Nokia blog. Tomorrow we´ll be in Seattle.


Silverwolf said...

1200km? That must be boring, and you must feel deep down when you see the endless road again and again and again...Fortunetly Marko and Henkka are here to play some good music :p

You have still many gigs !

Casino is in USA too? What a globalisation!I didn't know, you 've learnt me something.

Madame X said...

Keep going VERY NICE WORK!!! I read the blog everyday!! and I'll see you guys in St Petersburg Florida on September 21 I CAN'T WAIT!!!,..I know the Sonata Artica's show is kind of small and you have already your songs arrainged but I have seen the setlists that some fans have wrote in the Nightwish forum and you guys are not performing REPLICA!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeee I am your biggest faaaaaaaannnn DO REPLICAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


Ena Estrella said...

i hope you guys make a safe journey to Texas in time...Hurricane Ike is heading to north Texas...while the rest of us south Texas kiddies watch Houston and Austin get ripped this weekend...

good luck and have a safe journey... ;b