Friday, September 12, 2008

Portland, OR

10.9.08 Portland, OR

Aamu anivarhain pysähdyttiin ostoksille Wal-Martiin. Jatkoin unia pitkälle iltapäivään bussissa. Sitten olikin jo soundcheckin aika. Ruoka oli venuella erittäin hyvää. Sai oikein valita listasta mitä otti. Otin jotain kanaa ja spagetttia Dijon-sinappikastikkeella. Parmesaania oli laitetty höysteeksi. Aijai. Illan soitot meni mukavasti. Porukkakin tykkäsi. Illan päälle Nightwishin Ewo viihdytti meitä bäckärillä. Kiva ilta kaikkineen.

09/10/08 Portland, OR

Early in the morning we stopped to a local Wal-Mart to do some shopping. After that I just basically slept the whole day. Then it was time for sound check. The food at the venue was really good. You could pick anything from the list. I had chicken Dijon with parmesan and spaghetti. Hmmmmm…really tasty. The gig went really good as well. The crowd seemed to like it. After our show Ewo entertained us at the back stage. A very nice evening all together…


mariana said...

I´m sure you will get new fans from NW audience.

Sonata fans like NW and NW fans like Sonata.

I like the both bands , but I prefer you boys, You are great, the best band.

I´m waiting for you here in Argentina, please don´t forget us in next tour!! you have lot of fans here and each day we are more.

take care of yourselves, crazy people is everywhere.

GREETINGS, love you!

Jake said...

The show in Portland was fantastic. Come back and see us soon.