Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boise, ID

11.9.08 Boise, ID

Boisessa ei oltukaan aiemmin käyty. Sellainen Tampereen kokoinen noin. Meillä oli oma keikka, NW:llä oli välipäivä. Oli kyllä tosi mukavan oloinen paikka missä soitettiin. Iltapäivällä päästiin oikein saunaan hotellissa. Harvinaista herkkua. Kiuas oli Finlandia-merkkinen...

09/11/08 Boise, ID

We haven´t been in Boise before. We had an own show, NW had a day off. The venue was fantastic, I´d say. In the afternoon we had a chance go to the sauna at the hotel. I love the sauna…


Marìa Celeste said...

Nice comments..
I like Sauna too =)
Have a nice weekend!

Maria (from Buenos Aires)

Silverwolf said...

I beg you will stay in your sauna fot 2 whole days when you will be coming back^^

Nightwish has a day off? Maybe the saw the trial between Spinefarm and a french rapper(Tunisiano) whom used "ever dream " for his "band", ironnicaly the song is called "je porte plainte" ("I lodge a complaint"). I 'm ashamed of my country!

cristina said...

thanks for headlining within 1000 miles of my home. what an amazing show!!
sf wasn't too shabby either ;)