Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seattle, WA

9.9.08 Seattle, WA

Iltapäivällä käytiin säätämässä paikallisessa sossussa jotain noihin työlupiin liittyviä juttuja. Tiputettiin Anette shoppailemaan siinä samalla matkalla. Puolitoistatuntia siinä jonotettiin luukulle. Meinas alkaa pelottamaankin jossain vaiheessa, kun Markolta uhattiin repiä pää irti, tai jotain. Onneksi siellä oli aseistettu vartija koko ajan kyttäämässä. Jumala Ameriikkaa siunatkoon. Bussille päästiin takaisin kuitenkin ja hengissä kaiken lisäksi. Pojat pelasivat bussin takaloungessa NHL:ää ja minä keskityin oman PSP:ni hakkaamiseen. Keikka oli ihan oukei. Vähän tuntui olevan enemmän NW:tä odottava yleisö, mutta olihan siellä toki meidänkin faneja yleisössä. Toivottavasti saamme uusia faneja NW:n faneista. Ja miksei?

09/09/08 Seattle, WA

In the afternoon we had to stop by at the local social security office to arrange something concerning our work permits here, or something. We had a shuttle and we drop Anette off to do some shopping. We waited an hour and a half to get service in the office. At some point it started to be even a little bit scary ´cause some guy told Marko that he´ll rip Marko´s head off, or something. For everyone´s sake there was an armed guard. God bless America. Eventually we got back to the bus and the boys just played NHL a bit. I played with my own PSP. The show was ok. The crowd seemed to wait NW quite much but there were some of our fans too. Hopefully we get new fans from NW audience. And why not?


Fernando said...

"At some point it started to be even a little bit scary ´cause some guy told Marko that he´ll rip Marko´s head off, or something."

What?? Man... there are strange people around the world, ahn? o_o

Silverwolf said...

"he´ll rip Marko´s head off"--> what mad people you meet here!

Yes more and more people love Sonata now, despite the fact they went to the gig to see NW, now they come on Sonata 's forum to say "hey I didn't know Sonata so much and I was here for NW but their show was so great!".
You're so cool guys!

Bridget said...

You guys were amazing! I wish you could have played longer. I talked to several NW fans after the show who hadn't previously listened to you. Rest assured you are building a solid fan base in Seattle! Come back soon please!


Bridget said...

You were amazing- I only wish your set had been longer. Every time I see you it is epic. I talked to several NW fans after the show who hadn't listened to you previously but are now excited to get into your music. Come back to Seattle often please! You rule!

Dana said...

They should like Sonata. I liked Sonata for a year or so before I got into NW. And Sonata is still my favorite. I'm a bit disappointed that you guys are opening, but at least you're playing in Houston again. Hopefully the hurricane won't interfere with your show here! Many thanks for coming back to Houston. I can't wait to see you guys again!

Madame X said...

Of course you will!!!
I think almost any NW fan loves Sonata!!,..It's like you guys are kind of related at some point because of being finnish,..I would love to see you perform in Finland,.Since next year I'll move to Spain I will be close enough to get some vacations over there and probably catch a gig or two,..About the social security thingy? let me tell you is a pain in the AS@#$%% over here!!! No wonder you guys felt bad,..besides that episode with the guard,..Geezz

Well,..10 days and counting till St. Petersburg Florida,.*bounces* .I know you guys may be wishing to be home already!( I perfectly understand) but here in Florida ,..WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

On the NW forum,..we arranged for almost 10 people (Even fans from Puerto Rico!) to get to see you,..all of us already booked the same hotel (a block from the venue) to get together and cherish the weekend as Sunday arrives! I hope I'll get the chance to meet you guys,.anyway,..If you see a red colored hair crazy stalker??? don't run!!,'s me LOL (joking :P) Sonata ruuuuuuuulez!!!,..

Get some rest guys,..


Tjarls said...

haha :D I think it is really funny how you almost every time describe you gaming before the show more than the actual show ^^

cheers ;)

Corinne said...

Only reason I went to that concert was to see Sonata Arctica. I wasn't impressed with Nightwish :S

justamelody said...

I was not too familiar with Sonata Arctica's music before the Seattle show, but after watching you guys live I'm definitely a fan now. :D

A said...

Ahh, I came to see you guys! I was a little bit sad that you were opening and not headlining, but I do like NW, too. It would have made me really happy if you had had a longer set, but c'est la vie, right? I thought you guys were awesome--as always--and I can't wait until you come back to the west coast US!