Saturday, September 27, 2008

Louisville, KY

25.9.08 Louisville, KY

Meillä oli oma keikka tällä kertaa. Keikkapaikka oli pienin tähän mennessä tällä kiertueella. Ei suihkua, ei takahuonetta, yksi kulmamonitori ja sekin ihan rikki. Tunnelma oli tosi kuuma. Fainit saivat ikäänkuin privaatti-shown meiltä. Keikan jälkeen meille oli varattuna suihkuhuone hotellista, jossa sitten kävimme peseytymässä. Hengaltiin vielä hieman fanien kanssa bussilla ennen lähtöä.

09/25/08 Louisville, KY

We had a headline show this time. The Venue was smallest so far on this tour. No shower, no back stage, only one monitor and it was broken. The atmosphere was really hot. Fans got their own private show from us. After the show we were driven to the shower room. Before we left we just hung out with fans for a while.


Isis said...

Wooow, cool pic!! =) =)

Madame X said...

Oh my god!!,..I love that picture!
you look so nice in it!, the way,..that makes St. Petersburg FL the last venue where both bands played,..I was there,..and I videotaped both concerts completely!!...I did some great artwork for the double DVD I hope I would be able to send it to you guys somewhere later on, you can have like a souvenir of your North American tour I also got some impresive Sonata arctica's pictures (wich are included on the DVd as a Slideshow as well) ,Here they are,..(Copy and paste the link to see the album).

..and my husband who didn't like sonata at first,..NOW IS A FAN!! (after seeing you live guys!),..I am soo happy..even though NW had to cancel,. that at least you guys get to play, DEFNITELY DESERVE TO HAVE AS MUCH AMERICAN FANS AS POSSIBLE!,..


Keith said...

Hello Elias,
Another great show from my favorite band. Thanks for rocking out as hard as if there had been 20,000 people. Also thank you so much for the pick and for hanging out afterwards with us to sign autos and take photos. This was definately my favorite show I have seen. By the way that picture of you rockin' was taken by my buddy, glad to see that you used it. Please use as many as you want and thanks again to all. Can't wait until next time, even if we have to drive 2 hours to Louisville or 5 hours to Chicago again.
Keith (Finnish flag t-shirt)

Valentina said...

Your arms are so sexy!
haha :)
cheers !