Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Orleans, LA

18.9.08 New Orleans, LA, Välipäivä

Ajettiin suoraan New Orleansiin Austinista. Meillä piti olla Houstonissa keikka 19. päivä, mutta Hurrikaanin ja tulvien takia se peruuntui. Soitamme täällä New Orleanissa ylihuomenna 20. päivä, joten saatiin oikein kaksi vapaa-päivää putkeen. Ensi töiksemme suuntasimme hotellin uima-altaalle lekottelemaan. Illan suussa käytiin syömässä paikallista pöperöä ravintelissa. Loppu-ilta pelattiin air hockeyta, bilistä ja pöytäjalkkista.

09/18/08 New Orleans, LA, Day Off

We drove straight to New Orleans from Austin. We were suppose to play in Houston tomorrow but it got cancelled due to a hurricane and floods. That was too bad. We are playing here in New Orleans on 20th so we have two days break here. This is something that has never happened…So first thing we headed to the pool at the hotel. In the evening we got to eat some local food in the restaurant, great! The rest of the night we played air hockey, billiards and table football...


Dana said...

We were very upset that the Houston concert got cancelled. So me and a friend drove to New Orleans to see you there. It was a great show and you guys were definitely worth the trip. Especially when we got to meet you after the show and get lots of pictures. Not only do you make awesome music, you are all very nice too. Thanks for coming to play for us again!

mirai_moon said...

Woooow 8-> !
Nice pictures :D !
It seems that you guys are enjoying it very much..

Is man who wears the T-shirt of the 'Sonata Arctica' Tuomas Holopainen?
(If it is true, it is very glad 8-> . )
It is cooooool!!!!

Thank you very much for happy photographs and blog!
Very Very Happy :D !
Kiitos :) !!!!