Saturday, September 27, 2008

Charlotte, NC

24.9.08 Charlotte, NC

Anette oli edelleen kipeänä, joten tämän päivän keikka oli toisinto eilisestä. Tuntui, että vaikka keikkapaikka oli hivenen pienehkö, faneja löytyi ja kaikki tykkäsivät. Keikan jälkeen bussilla odotti lauma faneja. NW:n pojat tulivat myös paikalle jakamaan nimmareita.

09/24/08 Charlotte, NC

Anette was still sick, so tonight´s show was like a replay from yesterday. The venue was quite small but the crowd seemed to enjoy the show really much. After the show fans were waiting for us by the bus. The guys from NW showed up to sign autographs too.


mirai_moon said...

Woooow 8-> !
Nice picture :D !
It is coool!
I want to take the photograph with you (Sonata Arctica).
However, it is a dream.
I imagine it :P .

Hope Anette will take good care!!!!!

DeadUnderStairs said...

It was awesome you guys came to play in Charlotte. The show was fantastic! Hope you come to Charlotte again next year--I will definitely be there!

Elven Fury said...

Hope you all come out again, it was epic of you to play a full set like that. One of the best shows I have been to, hands down. Well not really, because mine did not go down all night. Nor did my voice, didn't have that for a week after.
Hope you come back next year, I will definitely be there and bring friends for sure.